Aymeric : The One Shot Experience


Les Chandelles

Aymeric is a handsome 26 year-old man, who was once invited by a customer of the shop he used to work for to go out one night. She was older than him and told him to dress well, as they were going to the Chandelles.

The Chandelles is just the most exclusive libertine club in Paris. The kind of club one cannot enter if not accompanied by a regular. Once again, the whole thing is a question of networks.

Celebrities, including Thierry Ardisson (a famous French TV presenter), regularly go there to have a good time. The place is very pleasant, the food is really good, all the people are handsome. But as Aymeric says, “beauty is entirely subjective. When I say everyone is handsome, I don’t mean all faces are pretty. But men are dressed as gentlemen, kind of the dandy way, and women wear amazing dresses, they’re waxed, they have suspenders, transparent black g-strings…”

The point is made. Everyone is well dressed, everything is clean, there are bathrooms where you can entirely clean yourself if you want, the light is filtered, things are a bit blurred…

Like Aymeric’s memories the next day. “I was working at the shop, and sometimes flashbacks would occur of people, things happening and myself in there. At the time, it was almost impossible to know if it was real or just a dream. I was wondering ‘Wow! Did this really happen?’ and smile to myself”, he says.

But despite the “amazing atmosphere”, Aymeric was not able to perform. “Even with the partner I came with. Was it the place, all the people having sex all around, or just the fact that there was a penis bustling in action just next to me? I don’t know, but I was kind of blocked. But still, the feeling was amazing, like a dream. Anyway it’s not because you go there that you have to have sex. You can just watch, and the atmosphere is really nice. You can have a good time just having a drink, dancing, and flirting.”

It is actually not surprising. Monia and Denis confirm this: “The first time you usually don’t do anything.” And they add that all first experiences are usually not that good. Aymeric was lucky: they say the first steps into libertinism are not always that ‘pretty’.

Chloé Chateau

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