The Secret World of Parisian Libertinism


Copyright – Denice 2008

In times that sex is becoming more widely visible and maybe acceptable and feelings are on the contrary becoming a taboo, the libertines belong to a microcosm, living their fantasies and wrapping them with the most beautiful or shameful feelings. 

According to Dr Catherine Lazarus-Matet, an analyst in Paris, the libertines are those whom “analysts do not see in therapies because they have found the way to adapt themselves to their sexuality”. It has been quite a while since this “community” has received publicity in the media. However, although they have become a common talking point, very often in a distorted way, sometimes to approval, the world of libertinism and sex swapping is still a “very secret and unknown world”, according to Denis Grattepain, a libertine, writer and erotic photographer.

Libertines are looking forward to being understood for who they are more than for just surprising other people. If their world is built up of networks, in a quite secret or at least protected way, they are generally keen to talk about it and open a window onto their lifestyle.

There are as many libertinisms as there are Libertines, and these are just a few ones amongst the Parisian Libertine community.

The pros: Monia and Denis Grattepain, libertines from head to toe

Lili : a secret libertine life

Aymeric : the one shot experience

Libertinism : the Care Bears world ?

But Libertinism is not reduced to clubs. For a more complete experience, I have found for you the perfect places to go if you want to dress for a libertine night out.

And for an even more spicy experiment, why not try the last porn cinema of Paris, the Beverley?

Chloé Chateau

NB: This is an end of year report I did as part of my exams for my Masters in Bilingual Journalism in 2010. Though the interviews are still accurate, some pieces of information might not be anymore.