School of Rock London: Summer for US president*!!

School of Rock, the musical UK, starring David Fynn in New London Theatre

School of Rock, the musical UK, starring David Fynn in New London Theatre

Last night I was sitting in the fourth row, seat 17 (which is right in the middle and consequently the best seat in the room) of the New London Theatre, ready to watch School of Rock, the newest and one of the most exciting musical on my list. Brace yourself and run see it, it’s freaking tremendous. 

Originally a movie (of which I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes because I thought it was pretty lame), School of Rock, the musical, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater and a book by Julian Fellowes, opened on Broadway last year and just started on London’s West End. And since the musical sounded a lot more entertaining than the movie (which I might actually try to watch again), of course I had to buy a ticket. Thanks to that TodayTix app, I found a great one for a very reasonable price and I was set. Once sitting, I couldn’t help but notice the smell of popcorn and the glasses of red wine all around me. Yep, that’s definitely London!

You’re not hardcore until you live hardcore

Then an announcement says that « Yes, the kids do play their instruments » and the show begins. To be fair, at first I thought the kids in question were a bit intimidating, quite scary, even. But then you start falling in love with each one of them and that’s it. Their joy is so communicative you can’t help but to be happy too. Especially since the music is so good – thanks to the musical magic. Still can’t get why the French are so dumb about it that they think it’s a girly think. Take them to We Will Rock You or that School of Rock and I’m pretty sure they should change their minds.

When I go to the theatre or to see a musical in London, I don’t just pluck the first cheap ticket that comes along, I pick my shows. So it’s no big surprise that (as fo

r Dead Funny the day before) I absolutely LOVED School of Rock, no less. Rousing music, perfect lyrics always funny, beautiful costumes and decors – everything was really what one would expect from a top shelf musical.

Then obviously there was that part when we all wished Summer was president of the US. Dunno if that line is actually in the show every night but I bet that if it is, yesterday and tonight it was given quite a more intense reaction than it usually gets. And of course the song I most fell in love with was the one we never hear in full, that No Vacancy that should so much be a hit. Loved the whole soundtrack, really, actually I even downloaded it in front of the theatre on my way out (thanks to the free wifi!) and listened to it on my way back.

Since there are three teams of kids playing, it’s been a bit hard to find out exactly which Zack, Tomika, Katie, Freddy, Lawrence and Summer are « mine » but I’m pretty sure it was Toby Lee who rocked that electric guitar as Zack tonight. All of the kids were amazing anyway. When it came to adults, David Fynn (which I have apparently already seen on TV in Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Black Mirror) is pretty fucking good. As well as the incredible Florence Andrews and the rest of the Teachers/Parents cast. If you want to spread happiness and joy and good mood around you, take just about everyone you know see School of Rock. It’ll do the trick, I guarantee. Don’t believe me? I’ll let you now with the beginning of No Vacancy’s ‘I’m Too Hot for You’**’s lyrics to judge. If you don’t laugh (it means you have absolutely no sense of humour so) don’t go. Otherwise your Oyster is your Oyster. Use it.

Girl we’ve been together, such a long long time,

It’s been a great three days you know, it’s true.

But now I can’t help thinking, something isn’t right,

And honestly it isn’t me, it’s you!

I’m too hot for you.

For the rest of those most accurate lyrics, just listen to the damn song:


* And Dewey can be Vice-President.

** Weirdly enough I thought they were singing ‘I’m Too Wild for You’ but I must have been mistaken.