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Matilda the musical: come in as an adult, leave as a naughty maggot (and possibly in love with the doctor)

I was supposed to see Matilda, the musical, last year. But sad things happened, I had to postpone the trip, there were not tickets left… So I had to wait until last night to go. What a worth waiting. I was just taken out of this world for a whole evening, hoping it would never end. If you haven’t seen it yet, or are still hesitating, go, without a doubt in your mind. To me, Matilda is the best musical I’ve ever seen, jumping straight ahead of We Will Rock You (which has always been my all time favourite).

Bleecker Street Burger: hottest burger in London

I had been following their Instagram account for quite of lots of months and didn’t have a chance to try it yet. So the very first thing I did after arriving in London last week and dropping my suitcase at my friend’s was to head straight to the Old Spitafields Market to find Bleecker Street Burger and try it. And it was DELICIOUS.

School of Rock London: Summer for US president*!!

Last night I was sitting in the fourth row, seat 17 (which is right in the middle and consequently the best seat in the room) of the New London Theatre, ready to watch School of Rock, the newest and one of the most exciting musical on my list. Brace yourself and run see it, it’s freaking tremendous.

Dead Funny by Terry Johnson with Katherine Parkinson: the play you will never expect but will enjoy thoroughly

Yesterday I went to the Vaudeville theatre to see a play called Dead Funny. I had found it on the TodayTix app and didn’t really know what it was, except that it was said to be funny. I love funny. So I took a ticket and went there for the matinee, at 2.30pm. It was nothing I could ever expect from a theater play but I di enjoy it extremely much nevertheless and do strongly advise it.

Un pistolet ayant appartenu à Winston Churchill pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale en vente chez Bonhams

Le 2 décembre prochain sera mis en vente chez Bonhams un pistolet 7,65mm Webley & Sott ayant appartenu à Winston Churchill durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, au cours de la Sporting Guns Sale.

Downton Abbey saison 6 : les premières photos de l’épisode de Noël

Alors que le monde se morfond de la fin de Downton Abbey, ITV et Carnival Films font du teasing avec les premières photos du tout dernier épisode, qui sera diffusé pour Noël, et son résumé.

The Importance of Being Earnest starring David Suchet: chronicle of a tremendous evening

On Saturday took place the last performance of The Importance of Being Earnest starring David Suchet at the Vaudeville Theatre. I was there last Tuesday and I really enjoyed the play.

Christmas at Fortnums : découvrez les vitrines de Noël de Fortnum & Mason

Je continue de vous parler de ma semaine londonienne avec ce petit album photos qui fleure bon Noël. Parce que j’ai peut-être loupé Matilda, mais pas les décadentes vitrines de Noël de Fortnum & Mason.

Rules Restaurant : j’ai déjeuné dans LE restaurant du dernier James Bond, Spectre

Cette semaine, j’étais en virée à Londres et j’en ai profité pour faire plein de trucs très chouettes, comme déjeuner au Rules, le plus vieux restaurant de Londres, où – excusez du peu – a été tourné une scène du dernier James Bond, Spectre.

Discover Cardiff: Hubbard’s Cupboard

Rendez-vous à Cardiff dans la boutique vintage la plus mignonne de la ville, Hubbard’s Cupboard.

British Week : Tea time avec Emma et ses madeleines au chocolat et à l’orange

Pour terminer en beauté cette British Week, allons prendre le thé avec Emma, qui nous propose ses délicieuses madeleines à l’orange et aux pépites de chocolat. What’s best than a good Tea time to end this British Week? Emma shares with us her amazing Jaffa Cake Madeleines recipe. Enjoy!

British Week : le cheesecake de Chloé

Aujourd’hui, ma recette de cheesecake, testée et approuvée en France et en Angleterre ! Rien à voir avec le cheesecake tout sec et pâteux qu’on trouve en général dans les cuisines françaises, celui-ci va vous épater ! Today, my own recipe of the traditional cheesecake – nothing to do with the heavy, horrible French mixtures you can usually find in our kitchens, this one has been tested and approuved on both sides of the Channel. Enjoy!

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