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Matilda the musical: come in as an adult, leave as a naughty maggot (and possibly in love with the doctor)

I was supposed to see Matilda, the musical, last year. But sad things happened, I had to postpone the trip, there were not tickets left… So I had to wait until last night to go. What a worth waiting. I was just taken out of this world for a whole evening, hoping it would never end. If you haven’t seen it yet, or are still hesitating, go, without a doubt in your mind. To me, Matilda is the best musical I’ve ever seen, jumping straight ahead of We Will Rock You (which has always been my all time favourite).

The House of MinaLima in London: discover Harry Potter’s world’s designs

I have tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Only, they’re pretty useless until we reach November 29th… next year. Only then will the precious tickets take me to the most wanted play of our times (OK, may be exaggerating just a bit). So in the meantime, what one can do is of course go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or pop in the House of MinaLima in London.

Dead Funny by Terry Johnson with Katherine Parkinson: the play you will never expect but will enjoy thoroughly

Yesterday I went to the Vaudeville theatre to see a play called Dead Funny. I had found it on the TodayTix app and didn’t really know what it was, except that it was said to be funny. I love funny. So I took a ticket and went there for the matinee, at 2.30pm. It was nothing I could ever expect from a theater play but I di enjoy it extremely much nevertheless and do strongly advise it.

The Importance of Being Earnest starring David Suchet: chronicle of a tremendous evening

On Saturday took place the last performance of The Importance of Being Earnest starring David Suchet at the Vaudeville Theatre. I was there last Tuesday and I really enjoyed the play.

Discover Cardiff: Jamie’s Italian for lunch

It seems quite impossible to spend the day in Cardiff without going for lunch in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant there, Jamie’s Italian. Her’s what I thought of it: GO! Impossible pour moi de passer la journée à Cardiff sans m’arrêter pour déjeuner au restaurant que Jamie Oliver y a ouvert, Jamie’s Italian. Un déjeuner dont je me souviens encore.

Discover Cardiff: Hubbard’s Cupboard

Rendez-vous à Cardiff dans la boutique vintage la plus mignonne de la ville, Hubbard’s Cupboard.

Le Club de lecture : Meurtres au manoir de Willa Marsh

Le Club de lecture est de retour avec un livre de la Britannique WIlla Marsh, Meurtres au manoir. Et vous, qu’avez-vous lu cette semaine ? The Club is back with The Quick and the Dead, from Willa Marsh. What did YOU read this week?

Le Velouté de châtaignes de Chloé

L’été est presque là, mais pour les rares journées où le soleil joue encore à cache-cache, voici une délicieuse recette de velouté de châtaignes, très rapide à faire. Summer is almost there, but for the rare days when the sun still plays hide-and-seek, here’s a delicious recipe of chestnut soup, really quick to make. Enjoy!

Le Club de lecture : F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen Clarke et Christophe Bigot

Cette semaine, Édouard Guérin nous parle de L’Hystéricon de Christophe Bigot. De mon côté, j’ai relu Gatsby le Magnifique de Francis Scott Fitzgerald et lu God save la France de Stephen Clarke. This week, Édouard Guérin tells us about L’Hystéricon from Christophe Bigot. I, on the other side, reread The Great Gatsby of Francis Scott Fitzgerald and also read A Year in the Merde from Stephen Clarke.

Le Gâteau poires-chocolat de Chloé

Aujourd’hui, une délicieuse et très rapide recette de gâteau, dont l’appareil peut être utilisé dans toutes sortes de gâteaux (remplacez les poires et le chocolat par les ingrédients de votre choix !). Today, an easy, quick and delicious cake recipe, which filling can be changed according to taste. Enjoy!

Cake cabillaud-poireau de Clarisse

Cette semaine, Clarisse revient pour nous offrir la recette de son DELICIEUX cake au cabillaud et au poireau. Une recette à tester sans modération et qu’on peut facilement adapter avec d’autres poissons ou légumes. Laissez parler votre imagination ! This week, Clarisse is back to give us the recipe of her DELICIOUS cod and leek cake. A recipe to try without any moderation and to adapt with other fishes or vegetables. Just let your imagination do the work and enjoy!

Verrines de velouté de courgette et chantilly au chèvre

Voici une recette très rapide pour un apéritif chic et délicieux : des verrines de velouté de courgette à la chantilly au chèvre. This is a very quick recipe for an elegant and delicious apéritif: courgette velouté with chantilly goat’s cheese in a glass. Enjoy!

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