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The Secret World of Parisian Libertinism

In times that sex is becoming more widely visible and maybe acceptable and feelings are on the contrary becoming a taboo, the libertines belong to a microcosm, living their fantasies and wrapping them with the most beautiful or shameful feelings.

Les sans papiers à Bercy

« On veut profiter des allocations pour lesquelles on cotise ! » C’était, hier après-midi, le cri des sans papiers qui manifestaient jusqu’à Bercy pour dénoncer l’injustice de leur situation.

Forget Pigalle: Porn Classics Are Elsewhere

One could think that nowadays the only way to watch a porn movie outside of home is to go to a peepshow. Few know that remains one porno cinema in Paris, in a little street of the 2nd district, where most of the porno cinemas used to be until they started closing down, one by one.

Where To Dress Up For A Libertine Night Out?

If there was one thing one needs to know before even trying to go to a libertine evening, it is that one has to follow a strict dresscode. If some of the parties resemble the French 18th century, if for some one has to wear a mask, most of the time, the dresscode is “simply” sexy. Where To Dress Up For A Libertine Night Out?

Libertinism : The Care Bears World ?

Contrary to what Aymeric might think from his first experience, the world of libertinism is not always like the Care Bears world. First, to speak about the ‘Chandelles’, one can also find call… Lire la suite

Lili : A Secret Libertine Life

Lili is at the Dreamstudio launch party for Denis Grattepain’s book. She is wearing a red dress and a dog collar necklace. She is extremely pretty but appears quite shy. Lili, who is 35, is married and has two kids. She says she has always felt she was a libertine, but never really found a way to express herself in that way.

The Pros: Monia and Denis Grattepain, Libertines From Head to Toe

It is Friday night, Denis is hosting a book launch party with his wife Monia at the Dreamstudio club. His book, called ‘Tranches de vies libertines’ (Slices of libertine lives) is an overall view of libertinism lived by Denis and other libertines evolving in the same network.

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